“Will Facebook Ads Work For My Brand?” A 9-Point Checklist

This content was originally published in the No Best Practices newsletter on 2.26.2023.

Something that marketers often forget: our marketing channels are made up of people (just like our revenues!). Those people are not on Facebook and Instagram to look at your ads. They’re on FB/IG to catch up with friends, get inspired, get entertained, or simply due to force of habit.

A FB/IG user logs on with a specific intent. At least 50% of what they’re seeing is organic content–posts from friends, creators and brands. The ads you develop need to work within that context or you’ll stick out like a sore thumb and get filtered out.

The nature of your product is the primary driver of this context. Many brands who struggle to make Meta advertising a scalable channel simply suffer from poor product-channel fit.

I’m going to share a checklist of 9 traits that make a product/brand a good fit for Meta ads, and then share some advice if your brand doesn’t tick many, or any of those boxes.


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