About No Best Practices

About The Author

I’m Alex Greifeld, the writer, marketer and eCommerce operator behind No Best Practices. I’ve been writing online about these topics since 2019, and working in eCom in some capacity since 2011.

I started my career in fashion design and merchandising. My first job was literally designing mom jeans. I also worked on the launch of a new line within the Jessica Simpson collection, an experience that included meeting JS IRL.

My interest in eCom was heavily motivated by my own failure to get a clothing line off the ground. I could design the product and get it made, but I didn’t know how to generate demand. That same cycle resulted in a lot of what you will read on this site:

failure -> curiosity -> experimentation -> insight

Since my days slinging mom jeans I’ve worked in eCom or digital marketing for a Fortune 500 media brand, a footwear brand in the midst of a PE turnaround, a bootstrapped contemporary fashion label and a “house of brands”. You can see what I’m up to here.

I try to publish one post here per week (usually inspired by something I see on DTC Twitter) and two original newsletters per month. I also enjoy reading, dabbling in life drawing and watercolors, doing dance cardio and staring at nature.

About The Website

You may have noticed that the internet is full of opinions on the best way to sell something on the internet. Many parties have thrown their hats into the eCom thought leadership ring, and very few of those parties have actually worked to run an eCom business.

That’s what this site is all about: helping marketers and operators go beyond “best practices” to think strategically about their businesses. The topics are wide-ranging, from paid social and email marketing to demand forecasting and merchandising. But consumer behavior is the thread that ties it all together.

If it’s been included in a martech vendor sales pitch, it’s probably going to be debunked here.

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