All Revenue Is Not Created Equal

A dollar is a dollar, right? Not quite. Not all revenue is equal. And I’m not simply talking about profitability here. Some transactions are inherently more valuable than others, even if they produce the same bottom line impact today.

This is a lot for most operators to swallow. Retail lives and dies by the “comp”–how are we doing this year compared to last year? And inventory-based businesses live and die by cash flow. When the selling season has peaks and valleys, you need to work hard to ensure that money is coming through the door when you need it.

Even so…not all revenue is equal in eCommerce because some revenue will help you achieve your future goals, and some revenue will actively prevent that from happening.

It’s been said that company culture is who you hire, fire and promote. Similarly, your customer base is who you acquire, retain, and how you train them to behave. Your customer base is not an idealized persona. It’s not a target market. Your customer base is the contents of your customer file.

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