The Relationship Between Customers, Merchandise & Channels

This content was first published in the No Best Practices newsletter on 6.27.2021.

Saw an interesting tweet from Three Ships’ Lillie Sun a few weeks ago:

Tweet from @Lillie_Sun: HOT TAKE ON SMS. I've been really creative with campaigns - adding in brand voice and sending fun messages. Our unsub rates were high...So I started sending borking message, straight to the point with offers and promos. Unsub down to <1.0%. Maybe creative isn't the way.

I’m sure that many of you reading this have run into the same issue: you’re trying to make your brand differentiated and fun, but the audience only seems to respond to UP TO 90 PERCENT OFF!!!!1!

The Law of Attraction may generally be a load of malarkey, but not when it comes to marketing. The product and messaging you put out into the world determines the type of customer you’ll attract.

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