To Improve Retention, Think Like Your Customer

This content was first published in the No Best Practices newsletter on 8.1.2021.

A common customer journey in 2021:

You’re lying in bed. The lights are off. You’re scrolling through Instagram before you drift off to sleep. Cute dog video. ASMR video. Ad. Cringey engagement shoot from someone you haven’t spoken to since high school. Ad. Meme.

Suddenly, an ad catches your attention. A before and after photograph of a woman’s hair. You click through to learn more. You’re taken to a product page. You scroll through the photos. Read the reviews. You’ve never heard of this brand before so click to the homepage to learn more. Check the time and realize you’d better go to bed in earnest. Phone off.

The next day, on your way home from work, you’ve mostly forgotten about the ad from last night. Then you get another ad from the same brand: a video testimonial from what appears to be a real person. This time you click through and purchase…

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