Brand Repositioning: Slides & Resources

Slides and additional reading from my guest visit to Professor Serdari’s Retail Strategy class on Wednesday 9.22.21.

Thanks for stopping by! You can download the slides I shared in the 9.22 class (with some slight modifications) below. I’ve also included links to posts I referenced while creating the lecture, plus some newsletters, websites and books that I have found beneficial to my own study of retail strategy.

Lecture Notes – Sources Consulted

Retail Strategy – Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to keep up with the latest industry developments, which can be helpful as you enter interview season. I also like them because they expose me to new writers and ideas that often come in handy later.

  • No Best Practices Newsletter – this is my 2x/month newsletter focusing on retail and marketing strategy for DTC brands
  • Lean Luxe – focuses on “modern luxury”, with links on the latest news in elevated DTC brands and the culture that shapes consumption
  • 2PM – the best link roundup in modern retailing plus original essays that synthesize the trends and will expand your mind
  • The Sociology Of Business – how culture shapes business, focusing on modern luxury and true luxury brands. Posts sporadically but the archives are great.
  • [SIC] Weekly – the best link roundup on the internet, covering fashion, technology, and culture. Free option is at the bottom.
  • Nik Sharma’s Email – tactics-focused advice for growing a DTC brand
  • Retail Brew – retail industry news roundup. This is a useful one for interview season.

Retail Strategy – Books

Full transparency: I don’t read a lot of business books. I prefer sociological studies, biographies, and books that focus on relevant historical periods. Lots of business advice is written for an “ideal company” that doesn’t exist. In reality, people are messy and it’s better to understand the system you’re operating in.

Retail Strategy – Websites & Specific Blog Posts

If you’re still looking for more to read (!), here are some websites and blog posts with an interesting and valuable POV on retail. If I liked the whole website, it’s because the whole website is good.