Pragmatic Branding

This content was originally published in the No Best Practices newsletter on 2.13.2022.

It’s time to have a talk about the “B word”: brand. Brand is one of those words that often carries a load of emotional baggage, especially if you’ve worked in or alongside a creative or marketing team. You never know what kind of traumatic experiences you’ll dredge up by saying this word. I am only exaggerating slightly.

Many of you have been told “it’s not on brand”. In a prior role I was forced to turn off our company’s best-performing Facebook ad ever because the featured image wasn’t on brand. The image was part of our campaign shoot and was sitting in a folder of “approved” assets from our creative director.

It’s stories like these that cause many marketers to draw a line in the sand between brand marketing and performance marketing. Some marketers will always view “brand” as a roadblock with no measurable upside. And honestly, if you approach brand strategy like the average company that’s 100% true.

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