Alex’s Best Practices

This was originally published in the No Best Practices newsletter on 2.27.2022.

There’s a reason I named this newsletter “No Best Practices”: most “best practices” are terrible. They encourage a lack of curiosity, and some of them do more harm than good.

Think back to any meeting you’ve been in where a group of people is trying to solve a problem. Instead of digging into why the problem is happening, most of the group will throw tactics at the wall. Someone will inevitably bring up “best practices” for a given marketing channel, or mention something that “worked in my last job”.

Does this ever actually solve the problem? Better question: does this do anything to prevent a similar problem from popping up in the future? (The answer is no.)

All this being said…I do have my own set of best practices. I didn’t really think about this until it came up on Twitter as a joke. But there are certain principles and frameworks that I stand by in 99% of situations.

So here they are…Alex’s Best Practices.

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