Work With Me

If you like what you’ve read on this website and you want to make your marketing more effective, you should hire me.

My name is Alex Greifeld–I write the No Best Practices newsletter and I’m available for hire as a growth marketing consultant. You can checkout my LinkedIn profile/career history here.

Brands I’ve Worked With

Laura Geller Beauty, Johnston & Murphy, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Hayden Girls, Outwork Nutrition, Bonobos, Stars + Honey, Larroudé, Jones Road Beauty, Popsmith

The Growth Marketing Services That I Offer

My service offering spans acquisition, retention and holistic growth strategy, priced for brands at every stage of growth. I’m currently taking on new clients for Q4 2023 & Q1 2024.

If you’re interested in anything you see below, email me at alex [at] nobestpractices [dot] co for more information.

For Brands Of Any Size

30 and 60 minute consulting calls
This is for you if: you have a single focused question or you want my high level POV on a number of topics. Click here to book. You can also book me on Mentorpass here.

Topics of prior consulting calls have included:

  • Develop a testing strategy for Meta ads to determine product/channel fit.
  • Provide feedback on the brand’s email flows & email strategy.
  • Prioritize growth initiatives for a brand across acquisition & retention.
  • Provide career guidance to mid-career marketers.

Meta Ads Tune-Up – $1,499
This is for you if: you’re struggling to scale Meta ads profitably or things are going ok but you’re looking for opportunities to scale. I’ll fill out the business-level tracker for your brand, audit your ad account, and we’ll hold a 60 minute call to discuss my recommendations for account structure, media mix & creative strategy. 

The timeline for this project is ~1 week, and it’s best for brands with a relatively simple marketing mix that is Meta-heavy.

Project-Based Consulting: Let’s Discuss

This is for you if: you’d like my input on an ongoing project and/or need more live time on the phone/video call.  Some projects we could work on together:

  • Helping you select and implement a CDP successfully.
  • Getting you up and running profitably with Meta ads, then training you how to run the account.
  • Creating and helping you execute a loyalty program strategy.
  • Participating in creative strategy work with your team. 

For Brands <$30M In Annual Sales

Customer Lifecycle 101 – $3,999
This is for you if: you’re a brand doing up to $30M/year on Shopify and want to optimize your acquisition and retention strategies based on how your customers behave. If you want to move beyond basic channel “best practices” but don’t know where to start, this is for you.

I’ll use Lifetimely to analyze your customer lifecycle, explain it to you in plain English and tell you the 4-6 most impactful marketing actions you can take in the next 3-6 months. We’ll hold a 60 minute call to discuss the findings and implementation.

The timeline for this project is ~3 weeks.

Full Retention Audit – $5,999
This is for you if: you want everything in Customer Lifecycle 101, plus a channel-by-channel review of your current retention marketing strategies, a scorecard, and specific tactical recs for optimizing each channel.  

The timeline for this project is ~4 weeks.

Note: I use Lifetimely and Shopify reports in both of these projects. The reports/analyses I use take too long to run if your annual sales are >$30M, which is why I set this limit. Running your store on Shopify is a requirement for these two projects.

For Larger Brands 

Growth Audit: starts at $12,499

This is for you if: you’re a brand doing >$30M/year who wants to answer a big, multi-faceted question like “What are our highest leverage growth opportunities?”, “Why have we stopped growing?” or “How can we benchmark & improve customer LTV?”

I’ll analyze your raw transaction data, review current strategies across all relevant digital channels, and speak with relevant team members to get fully immersed in the business. Then I’ll give you a comprehensive growth strategy recommendation, prioritized by level of effort and level of impact. 

This is a holistic recommendation that will cover merchandising strategy, positioning, offer and promotions as well as individual channel strategy and tactics. You’ll walk away with a deep, actionable understanding of who your customers are and what factors in your business contribute to customer lifetime value.

This is as close as you’ll get to hiring me as your head of growth (for now). It also includes unlimited “pick my brain” access via email for the duration of the project. If you have a question about an upcoming sale or a new product launch, I’ll answer it within one business day.

The timeline for this project is ~5-6 weeks. Final pricing is based on the scope of the question and the size of the business, but generally does not exceed $16k. 

Some Other Things You Should Know

  • I’m only available for live meetings 9:30a – 4:30p Eastern time. If you are way outside that timezone, we probably won’t be able to do a project that requires live meetings.
  • I can’t come on site for any of these projects (I’m fully remote).
  • For projects <$5k I require the full fee up front. For projects >$5k I’ll require a deposit to get started (usually 50%).
  • I generally don’t do “hands on keyboard” Meta ads management, although I make exceptions on occasion. I can help you lay the groundwork for a successful Meta ads program and find someone qualified to manage it (or train you to do it).
  • If you have another project in mind that isn’t listed here, let me know. I can be flexible (to an extent) and I’d value the feedback either way.

Why Hire Alex Greifeld?

Hire me because you need someone who can embed themself into your business, help you develop a true competitive advantage and make the numbers go up.

I will help you grow by identifying and leveraging your unique competitive advantage: the relationship between your customers, your marketing channels and your product assortment.

Many agencies and consultants are single-channel experts. Which is fine for single-channel optimization. But in today’s challenging eCom environment, that’s not enough to keep you growing and making money.

Meta Ads not performing like they used to? The solution can be as simple as adjusting your KPIs, or as complex as developing additional products. An agency will tell you how to optimize campaigns. I’ll tell you how to optimize your business.

Email performance down? You might be measuring it incorrectly or you may have a product adoption issue on your hands. An email expert will tell you how to improve your open rates. I’ll help you understand what’s going on inside your customer file and pick the right tactics to address it.

Most of my career in eCom has been spent with brands that couldn’t fall back on decades of awareness or a national retail footprint to drive sales. Marketing had to be effective. And if it wasn’t, you’d quickly see it in the sales numbers.

The last five years have been hard for everyone who sells in the eCom channel. We’re dealing with more competition, higher costs and less accurate data. When the going gets tough, the smart money doubles down on the fundamentals. In marketing that means two things:

  1. Is your money and effort driving incremental sales–sales that would not have taken place in absence of your marketing?
  2. Are you leveraging your brand’s biggest competitive advantage: the unique relationship between your customers and the products you sell?

This is what my process is designed to address. I’ll help you understand your brand’s unique relationship between marketing channels, customer behavior and merchandise. And I’ll use that knowledge to help you develop marketing strategies that will put you back in control of your business trajectory.

If profitable revenue growth has started to feel like an uphill battle or stellar in-platform campaign metrics aren’t adding up to stellar top line growth, we should talk.