Work With Me

If you like what you’ve read on this website and you want to make your marketing more effective, you should hire me.

My name is Alex Greifeld–I write the No Best Practices newsletter and I’m available for hire as a marketing consultant. You can learn more about my work background via this link.

Here is some info about what makes me different than your typical performance marketing consultant or agency, as well as my project offering and rates.

Quick note: I’m booked up through the end of July 2022. If you’re interested in working together on a project from August onward, email me at greifelda [at] gmail [dot] com.

What I Can Do For You

Most growth consultants will give you a list of channel-specific tactics that don’t take your business’ unique offering into account. I take a more holistic approach. I analyze how your customers, merchandise and marketing strategies work together. Then I use that knowledge to help you grow profitably by developing a true competitive advantage.

There are three ways we can work together:

Advisory Services: You can hire me for 2-10 hours per week to consult on any aspect of your eCommerce strategy: Facebook Ads, retention strategy, merchandising or general strategic and operational questions. I would charge an hourly rate, and discounts are available if you book 10+ hours per month.

Audit Projects: I have three main audit offerings: a merchandising audit, an acquisition audit and a retention audit. The main component of all three projects is analysis of your transaction data. I’ll provide deep insights that you can’t get from Google or Shopify analytics. I’ll combine these insights with an analysis of your current marketing strategies and give you a roadmap for increasing conversion rate, inventory turnover and customer lifetime value.

I can usually find at least $50-100k in annual incremental revenue opportunities in these projects, depending on the current size of your business.

Jam Session: This is a $1,500 “quick audit” for small businesses looking to get unstuck or answer a very specific question. I’ll review your Shopify & Google Analytics reporting + up to two relevant marketing channels. Then I’ll deliver a 1,000-1,500 situation assessment and recommendation, and we’ll meet for 30 minutes to discuss.

Why Hire Alex Greifeld?

Hire me because you need more than “just a marketer”. Many agencies and consultants are single-channel experts. Which is fine for single-channel optimization. But in today’s challenging eCom environment, that’s rarely enough to keep you growing sustainably.

Consistent issues with marketing campaign performance are really issues with customer acquisition, customer retention, or merchandising. Most plug and play analytics platforms give you zero insight on acquisition or retention trends, or how your customers interact uniquely with your products and your brand.

I developed frameworks for solving these problems and creating sustainable growth–because I didn’t have a choice.

Most of my time in eCom has been spent with brands that couldn’t fall back on decades of awareness or a national retail footprint to drive sales. Marketing had to be effective. And if it wasn’t, you’d quickly see it in the sales numbers.

The last five years have been hard for everyone who sells in the eCom channel. We’re dealing with more competition, higher costs and less accurate data. When the going gets tough, the smart money doubles down on the fundamentals. In marketing that means two things:

  1. Is your money and effort driving incremental sales–sales that would not have taken place in absence of your marketing?
  2. Are you leveraging your brand’s biggest competitive advantage: the unique relationship between your customers and the products you sell?

This is what my process is designed to address. I’ll help you understand your brand’s unique relationship between marketing channels, customer behavior and merchandise. And I’ll use that knowledge to help you develop marketing strategies that will put you back in control of your business trajectory.

If profitable revenue growth has started to feel like an uphill battle or stellar in-platform campaign metrics aren’t adding up to stellar top line growth, we should talk.

Ways Of Working

To make sure that I would be a good fit for your brand and your organization, here is some info on my “ways of working”:

1. My working style is primarily asynchronous. Any live meetings will be clearly defined in our scope of work. I won’t be able to hop on the phone or respond to chats at a moment’s notice. If that is the type of support you need for your project, I won’t be a good fit.

2. Hands-on implementation or management of specific marketing platforms is not a part of my offering. I won’t be able to manage your Facebook Ads account or build out emails for you, but I can recommend trusted partners who are great at doing those things.

3. My payment terms are typically 50% due before project kickoff, 50% due within 15 days of completion. If your organization requires Net 30, Net 90, etc., I won’t be able to work with you. But I can provide some flexibility for larger projects, so feel free to ask.

4. Going on-premises is not part of my offering, i.e. I am fully remote.