AMA: How Do I Launch In A New Market?

Our brand first launched in an English-speaking market outside the US. We are rebranding and intend to launch in the US this summer. The rebranding was due to conflict with an existing copyright in the US. When we rebrand, the product will have a new name and visual identity. We’re also planning some iterative improvements to the core product.

The question: what is your recommendation for our marketing mix? Our goal is to hit the low seven figures in revenue in the first 12 months after we enter the US, and we have a paid media budget in the low six figures. To date our primary acquisition channel in our home market has been Facebook/Instagram ads, and we have also run some Google search ads.

Additional context: the brand provided me with revenue, CAC, MER, AOV and LTV metrics. I will reference these in the answer but I won’t share the specifics.

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