How (Almost) Any Brand Can Make Facebook Ads Work

We’re a small brand who grew through SEO. Can we make Facebook ads work, even if we’ve been burned in the past?

We’re a small DTC (eCom only) clean cosmetics brand named Red Apple Lipstick that has been in business for the past 10 years. We were one of the first on the market when this was still a niche category. In 2018 our revenue took a major dip and hasn’t really recovered since then. We want to return to growth and achieve revenues in the low seven figures.

My question: how can we differentiate ourselves via email and SEM marketing now that the market for clean cosmetics is much more competitive? It’s difficult to speak to our quality without bringing up what the competition lacks, which we are wary of doing. Our competition is spending way more on paid social advertising and our customers’ inboxes are more crowded with promo offers than ever.

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