How To Prepare For Black Friday 2022

“Holiday” is just around the corner–Black Friday is only 90 days away as of this mailing. That means you really only have 9 weeks left to lock your holiday plans in place.

If you’re a long time reader, you already know my opinions about “holiday”. TL;DR: I think the season doesn’t deserve the hype it receives. People are naturally more “shoppy” so It’s a great moment for driving the top line, but those customers rarely come back and buy again.

But every year I put my ~personal feelings~ aside and write a piece on Holiday strategy because we can’t just throw up our arms and tell BFCM to go f*ck itself out of principle. Before we dive in, I would encourage you to read this piece about actively managing your growth, and start thinking of ways to diversify your revenue and growth out of the Holiday period.

Side note: remember this time last year when DTC think-fluencers were telling brands not to run any sales for BFCM because the entire retail landscape would be so strapped for inventory that sales wouldn’t be necessary? Life comes at you fast.

I’m going to cover a few topics that are going to make your holiday planning easier and increase your chances of a favorable outcome.

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