Right Tactic, Wrong Time

“How many emails should I send a week?”

“How deep should I go with my BFCM offer?”

“Should we start selling to wholesale accounts?”

I see these questions frequently, and they’re often the subject of debate on DTC Twitter. Like most business questions, there is no definitive “right answer”. But there is a right answer for your specific situation. To find it, you need to understand what’s going on beneath the surface.

If you want your brand to grow, you need to acquire new customers. When your brand is small, you can do this by paying to place yourself in front of in-market demand. As you get bigger, you’ll probably have to start creating demand–doing higher funnel marketing. You have to grow both your Total Addressable Market and your Current Addressable Market.

But there are other ways to “make sales go up”–you can make a tactical move that unlocks pent up demand. This can result in a temporary sales surge, or it can help you bust through a plateau…just to smack into another plateau.

These moves are single use only. And that’s why you need to be very, very thoughtful about how you use them.

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