Some Brand Should Not Run Facebook Ads

I sent out this tweet a few weeks ago and got a fair amount of pushback. Some of it was thoughtful, and some of it was…less thoughtful. I wanted to unpack this tweet a bit to help you avoid walking into “no win” situations as a marketer, agency or business owner.

The hype around Facebook ads is real, and it is loud. This leads many to assume that Facebook Ads are a plug and play solution to more systemic business issues, which is not the case.

Before we go any further, I guess I need to issue a warning: No Best Practices is not for drop shippers. If you fancy yourself an Alibaba arbitrageur, unsubscribe right now. If your twitter handle is something like @BowtiedBlackHatAlphaUtopian, do yourself a favor and get out of my mentions. And if you have no idea what this paragraph means, I’ll offer an explanation at the end of the newsletter.

The three scenarios I outline in the tweet above will make growth through Facebook ads challenging. You may be able to overcome one of these issues. But if your business is plagued with two, or all three, your odds of making money from Facebook (or paid media in general) are incredibly low.

That doesn’t mean that your business is doomed to fail, it just means that Facebook may not be the right place for you to seek growth.

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