A (Self) Gifting Guide For Marketers

The holidays are filled with traditions: Christmas trees, gingerbread houses and…gift guides. Most gift guides are consumer focused (“101 great gifts for moms!”) and the content is driven by affiliate commissioning.

I’m going to flip the script this year and share a gift guide for marketers, media buyers, operators and other assorted eCom folks. Instead of sharing a link to the 1,000th iteration of a scented candle, I’m sharing gift ideas that will help you improve your career or unlock growth for your business.

The links below are 100% affiliate-free and based on recommendations from myself or trusted members of my network. I also included direct input from some of your favorite DTC Twitter personalities like Sean Frank (founder of Ridge), Dara Denney (performance creative mastermind) and Eli Weiss (head of CX & Retention at Jones Road Beauty).

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