The Relationship Between Customers, Merchandise & Channels

This content was first published in the No Best Practices newsletter on 6.27.2021. Saw an interesting tweet from Three Ships’ Lillie Sun a few weeks ago: I’m sure that many of you reading this have run into the same issue: you’re trying to make your brand differentiated and fun, but the audience only seems to…More

Actually, Your CAC Does Matter

When the going gets tough, the market retreats into “loyalty” strategies, often to disastrous results. Here’s how to avoid the same fate.More

Look Ma, No Open Rates

iOS15 privacy changes have email marketers dreading the end of accurate open rate data. But what if we look at this change from the consumer’s perspective?More

Forecasting eCommerce Demand

Forecasting eCommerce demand is one of the biggest challenges in eCommerce. Find out why marketing plays a bigger role in demand forecasting than you think.More

The Customer Congruence Test

The best way to solve big problems? Catch them when they’re still small problems. Read on to find out how. “Our return rate is so high!” “Our email subscribers stopped clicking our emails!” When you run into problems like these it’s hard to pinpoint the root cause. Your first instinct will be to zoom in:…More

4 Reasons People Buy Something They Don’t Need

This content was first published in the No Best Practices newsletter on 5.31.2021. If you want to sell people something they don’t need, you’re going to have to understand why people buy things they don’t need. Not trying to throw shade on anyone’s business here, just trying to put things into perspective. To do that,…More